Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks with Blue Cheese Dressing

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Chicken and blue cheese dressing must have been made for each other. Heidi brings us one of many easy recipes for drumsticks. If you are looking for healthy chicken drumstick recipes then you can rest assured even if the recipe in question doesn’t fall in line with your specific health needs then a little change here or there can make it healthy enough for you. Healthy recipes for chicken drumsticks can be any recipe you come across. This is true since as with anything in life never forget you are the architect and the recipe is not a blueprint but it is a suggested way to cook a certain meal. You might come across a meal that you might not feel lives up to your specific needs whether they are health concerns or flavor ones. Use the recipe as a guide and you make the final destination. This recipe from Heidi can be included in your easy recipes for drumsticks file and if you change anything that doesn’t suit you then it can also be added to your healthy chicken drumstick recipes list as well. Healthy recipes for chicken drumsticks are all up to you. There are many recipes out there that are healthy and don’t need your creativity to make them that way but there are also many recipes that fall short of your values regarding health and they can easily be changed to fall closer to your health desires.

Chicken is a great way to add protein to your system and if you cook them in the proper manner then they are also great ways to get meat while keeping the dish as healthy as possible. Drumsticks are known as the dark meat of the chicken as is the thighs and the wings. The only part of the chicken regarded as white meat is the breast. That is also the healthiest part since the fat is almost non-existent. Just because the thighs, wings and drumsticks have more fat you can easily get around that when cooking them. Consider a roasting pan that allow for the oil to drain off while coking. Be sure to remove the skin since the majority of fat comes from this delicious part.

Chicken is a great meat and when you prepare the drumsticks like Heidi does then you also allow for a wonderful finger food that goes great with a dipping sauce and if you are making one like this blue cheese dressing from Heidi then consider making a crudité plate to go with the chicken and the dressing. It adds veggies to the mix and also makes your finger food experience complete. Heidi’s recipe makes great use of the drumstick and gives your diners a tasty treat that can also be frozen if you made too many. Making more of any recipe is never a bad thing since you will always be able to freeze them and have them for a later date. Thanks to Heidi of Foodie Crush Blog for this yummy Buffalo Chicken Drumstick with Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe and bon apetit.**

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