Build a Self-Watering Container

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Check out Mother Earth News for full instructions on how to build a self-watering container for your plants. This is an important consideration for busy city dwellers who may not be able to stay on top of their container garden's constant water demands. A self-watering container will be very forgiving if you decide to take a weekend away in the height of summer and forget all about watering your garden. Best of all, this project is simple and easy to build from entirely recycled materials, so it does not have to cost you a penny.

Container gardens are an excellent option for apartment dwellers or others who do not have access to garden space. A container garden can be as small as one simple planter on a window sill to a whole deck or rooftop crammed full of containers of all shapes and sizes, overflowing with lush plant life. Whether you want to grow veggies, flowers, herbs, native plants, cacti or a variety of other plants, you can usually do so in containers. One of the main challenges of container gardening, however, is ensuring that your plants always have sufficient water. In the hot days of summer even one missed day of watering can kill an otherwise healthy and strong plant.

To avoid the tragic occurrence of coming home to find sad wilting plants awaiting you, try out this great idea from Mother Earth News. This system is designed to provide a steady water supply to your plants without over watering and drowning them. However, there are some plants, such as cacti, that need very little water so this system may not be ideal in some cases. This article walks you step by step through the process of building your own self-watering container. Your plants will thank you for your efforts.

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