Butter Cookie Cheesecake

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A butter cookie cheesecake blends the sultry flavor of butter (always a smash hit) with the crunch of cookie all mixed into a tangy and creamy cheesecake recipe. This particular butter cookie cheesecake recipe is really a classic, except for the base. Arguably, the classic crust for cheesecake could be said to be the graham wafer crust that we see so often. On the other hand, since the cheese cake itself has roots that go back at least as far as Greece and the earliest of Olympic games (and a cheese cake, often also referred to as a honey cake was what the winner of the games received as the prize for his achievement), it is likely that the truly first and original cheese cake had no crust at all, or if it had, it was likely one made from flour, lard, and water. In any event, for our purposes, the graham wafer crust, at least today, is considered the quintessential crust for cheesecake. In this butter cookie cheesecake, a butter cookie crust replaces that contemporary classic, or known tradition, in any event.

So the base is a lovely and butter, slightly granular base for this cheesecake. The cheesecake itself contains a whopping 24 ounces of cream cheese, which makes it a pretty rich and tangy, not to mention, creamy, filling. And one of the very nice things about this particular butter cookie cheesecake recipe is the lack of other ingredients. There can be times when there may seem to be almost too many different flavors involved in any one particular recipe. So sticking to a recipe such as this one for butter cookie cheesecake results in a simple and traditional cake, without a lot of other, additional, distracting tastes. Just pure cheese in a cake. Wonderful.

And before you worry too much about fat or calories, remember that the cream cheese adds loads of great dairy into this butter cookie cheesecake recipe. That means each bite offers you a bit of calcium, magnesium, and protein, all great things that our bodies need to stay strong and healthy. There are also plenty of eggs in this cheesecake recipe, so that adds even more protein to the mix. This dish will provide plenty of pep and energy to help you get through the day. And there is really not that much sugar in a cheesecake, in any event, so there is less concern on that front as well. So go ahead, and enjoy this cake soon. You can make it for you, and make it as a great snack for the kids, too. It is the perfect to go snack and one that you can be glad to give them.

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