Butter Cream Chicken

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This Butter Cream Chicken recipe offers plenty of goodness in the recipe along with lots of stuff that taste just yummy. So the kids will love this dish as well as the adults and every one will get plenty of nutritious and delicious flavors out of this dish. Make plenty because there will be lots of requests for seconds with this chicken recipe. This chicken recipe offers a bit of a cheat with the cream sauce that may make you happier to prepare it for the kids and the family. In this particular recipe, instead of using cream, chicken broth is used along with butter, to create a rich and creamy sauce for the chicken. That method cuts way down on the fat and yet still results in a fantastic sauce to serve with the chicken recipe.

Since the chicken in this dish is fried in the pan, it does make good sense to try and cut down on the fat in other places in the butter cream chicken recipe. And the sauce is a good place to start if you are going to fry the chicken in a pan. This dish is also very quick to make, and will taste great with lots of other foods next to it on the plate. You could make mashed potatoes, or course, whatever is your favorite way to make them. Potatoes are a great food, of course, loaded with plenty of nutrients. Those nutrients include vitamins and minerals that contribute to our good health. So potatoes offer up loads of potassium, more even than spinach and bananas (believe it or not, but it is true!) have to offer. They also have plenty of vitamin C, among other nutrients. To complete the dish, consider some mixed steamed greens, or other veggies that do not require more oil to prepare them. That will help to minimize the further addition of fats to the recipe.

Butter cream chicken is a lovely dish to make. Although the chicken is fried in a pan, you can minimize the additional fats in the chicken recipe by making the cream sauce using chicken broth as opposed to cream. The flavor will still be fabulous as you will discover the first time you try this method to prepare the dish. This Butter Cream Chicken recipe is a great dish that is simple to make, and seems so much more elegant because of the slimness of the chicken (once it is pounded and breaded), its beautiful golden color and crisp bite and then the sauce which is slightly lighter in contrast to the chicken. Add some potatoes, rice, or even pasta, if that is what your family prefers. Round dinner out with some steamed veggies.

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