Butter Crumble Apple Pie

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Make this pie with its slightly unusual choice of apples and enjoy a Butter Crumble Apple Pie tonight for dinner. This recipe is easy to follow and is pretty much a classic apple pie with the twist of a crumble on the top. A crumble is a nice complement to the tender texture of the cooked apples. The recipe blogger and web site creator does comment that she uses Granny Smith Apples for this recipe because the apples bake to a slightly less mushy texture than some of the red varieties. Another choice could be to use a blend of red and green apples so that the texture is less mushy.

This recipe also includes a recipe to make your own crust. This is one of the best ways to improve the flavor of any pie. Nothing beats a home made pie crust. It is always rich and delicious whether you make the crust from butter or lard. The fats smooth out the tartness of the apples and act as a great complement to their flavor.

This Butter Crumble Apple Pie will take a bit of effort to make, especially if you make the crust from scratch. But this extra work is well worth it. The filling requires that you peel a lot of apples; you might want to engage some helping hands to get this task done. Reward them with the apple peels, which, as kids, we all enjoyed getting from the bakers, often with a bit of flour and sugar and cinnamon dusted on them. This is a great dessert, classic and enjoyed by every one. Take the time to make it right, and you will see why classic recipes are enjoyed over and over, time and again.

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