Butter Tarts

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If you've never tried butter tarts, you are in for a treat. This dessert recipe is easy to make and can be made with recipe variations depending on what you like. A butter tart recipe is a type of small pastry tart that gets its roots in Canada. Butter tarts were a common recipe in pioneer Canadian cooking, and the dessert recipe remained a pastry of Canada and considered one of only a few dessert recipes of Canadian origin. Butter tarts are primarily eaten and associated with the English-speaking provinces of Canada. For this butter tart dessert recipe you will need simple ingredients. The recipe makes 12 butter tarts, and it's easy to make. You will need 12 premade shortcrust pastry tart bases (or you can opt to make the pastry from a homemade recipe), butter, brown sugar, honey (golden syrup or corn syrup), egg, vanilla extract, white vinegar. And you can also add currants, raisins, or coconut if you'd like. For the full step by step instructions for this easy dessert recipe, you will want to take a look at The Three Cheeses Blog site.

A similar recipe for butter tarts is sugar pie dessert recipe. Sugar pie is a single-crust dessert recipe with a pie filling that is made from flour, butter, vanilla, salt and cream, with brown sugar or maple syrup possibly both often used as additional pie filler. When baked, these ingredients combine into a homogeneous sugary mixture that is similar to caramel. If maple syrup is used in the sugar pie dessert recipe, it might be referred to as maple pie. The European version of this dessert recipe is vaguely similar to the American transparent pie which is the name in the Midwestern and Southern United States for a version of a pecan pie without the pecans, of the English Canadian butter tarts, or of English treacle tart recipe. The perfect sugar cream pie recipe is supposed to shake like jelly. The name of finger pie for the dessert recipe was because of stirring the pie during baking with one's finger. The pie filling was stirred this way to help avoid breaking the crust.

The Indiana state version of a sugar pie recipe, known as sugar cream pie, is believed to have originated with the Quaker settlers who came from North Carolina in the early 19th century and then settled in east-central Indiana, around the cities of New Castle, Richmond, Portland, and Winchester. The Amish also helped to popularize the sugar cream pie, making the pie recipe easy to find where they populated. In particular, the pie recipe is a favorite in the Pennsylvania Dutch areas. Shakers also have a variant of the sugar pie recipe. However, as the Shakers had to abandon their community of West Union known as Busro in 1827, their only presence in Indiana between 1810 to 1827, it is unlikely that they made the dessert recipe popular in the state. The largest producer of these sugar pies is Wick's Pies, whose plant is located in Winchester, Indiana, and makes 750,000 sugar cream pies per year. Every eight-hour shift, there are over 12,000 of the pies are made. The pies are recognizable for their nutmeg dusting and shallow depth in a disposable aluminum pan. The recipe that Wick's uses came directly from a family recipe that originated from the nineteenth century. The pies sell in 25 states.

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