Butter vs. Margarine: Which Is Better?

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In all my years of eating freshly bread NEVER did I say can I have a slab of bread and margarine? Bread and Butter go hand in hand! Butter tastes better that's for sure.

We are featuring an article fro the HuffPost. A bit of a debate on which is better for you and which is better for baking? This debate goes back decades! Those that love butter do not care for margarine and vice-versa.

Butter comes from a cow, is a dairy product. Margarine comes from vegetable oil. When it comes to baking, butter wins hands down (80% fat) but when it comes to having saturated fat, and high cholesterol butter takes second place. Because butter is high in saturated fat, select a whipped butter as is has about half the amount of regular if you want it for spreading on your bread. For baking, you want the high fat as that is what gives you a tender and flaky result. Either are okay for cooking.

Margarine is made when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil. This forms a spreading solid or semi-sold mass. Unfortunately many types of margarine contain trans fats, and you want to avoid them because trans fats lower our HDL (good cholesterol) and they raise our LDL(bad cholesterol). This is a contributing factor to heart disease.If you are going to eat margarine, it is better to use 'margarine spread' as be sure the label contains no trans fat. As far as baking, margarine is more watery with only (35% fat). For cooking it is fine.

So there we have it, yet more information on the ever going discussion on butter verses margarine. In comparing prices, butter is more expensive, and that is, unfortunately, why many families find it difficult to choose it over margarine. Always educate yourself the best you can and know that what you are feeding yourself and your family.

Please visit the 'Huffington Post' article below for more information.

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