Butterfinger Cake

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This Butterfinger Cake recipe is a really great dish for you to make any time of the year for you and your family. It is a simple and quick dessert to make, especially since all of the ingredients are already pre-packaged or pre-prepared. That means almost anyone could make this cake, so consider letting the up and coming bakers and cooks in your family take over the kitchen for the day. You can put your feet up for a change. This recipe also includes a chocolate cake mix, butter fingers chocolate bars (thus, the name for this cake) and other containers of icing and topping to finish the cake off. So when you are running late one day, and need to make something to take to a bake sale, or over to a friend’s house, or to the community dinner you are planning on attending, this cake just might be the recipe to get the kids started on, as you make your way home from work tonight.

Did you know that the Butterfinger chocolate bar has been around since 1923, and is now heading towards 100 years of age? The Butterfingers chocolate bar was created in Chicago, Illinois, and today it is still produced by the Nestle Company. The candy bar was really the creation of a competition where people were asked to give the candy bar a name. The peanut butter middle and crunchy cookie (that is also light and flaky and fabulous) is covered with light chocolate, giving this chocolate bar a unique and delightful flavor and texture. Both kids and adults seem to really enjoy this chocolate bar. In fact, its popularity was so great that even Shirley Temple commented on the bar in a movie she made. So this is one popular chocolate bar, and it remains popular even today. So if you make this cake, you can be sure that the chocolate and peanut butter combination will be well received by at least most of the people who will be eating it. And you will have made a cake that is quick and easy, as well as delicious.

So enjoy this cake, which comes together so easily and well whenever you need one. If you do not have time to make this Butterfingers based cake, just about anyone else in the household can likely pull it together. The instructions on the website, and the step by step directions will make pulling this dessert together a snap. So keep the recipe bookmarked for those days when you are running behind and yet you still have to produce something. This cake will help you turn out a successful dessert. Enjoy.

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