Buttermilk Pound Cake

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This recipe follows the classic steps to make a beautiful buttermilk pound cake, which is a slight twist on the original recipe. Pound cake is an old British cake recipe that results in an elegant and fabulous dessert. The cake is usually cooked in a Bundt pan, and so is often decorated because of the shape of the pan. Bundt pans often have decorations or shapes in the design of the pan. That can make the cake even more lovely, but it can also make it really difficult to get the cake out of the pan without breaking parts of it off. So choose a style of Bundt pan that is quite simple to ensure good results every time.

The original pound cake earned its name from its ingredient; namely, a pound of flour, one pound of butter, one pound of sugar, and one pound of eggs. It took tremendous culinary skill to know just how much to whip the butter, when to add the sugar, how long to whip the butter and sugar, and so when to add the eggs, how much to beat them, and finally, how much vigor to use when folding in the flour. The original recipe did not use any leavening agent, and that is why the baker’s skill in blending was so important. In this recipe, a very tiny amount of leavening agent is used.

This recipe makes a lovely and rich, buttery and beautiful, classic pound cake. Try it when you have the time to spend ensuring that the ingredients are properly blended, and so on. Baking can also be tricky. So turn your oven on for one hour before you will need to use it, and then watch the bake. It can be easy to either over bake or under bake this lovely cake. Try it soon, and enjoy the process when you do.

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