Buttermilk Vanilla Cake Recipe From Scratch

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Can any other dessert recipe beat out a buttermilk vanilla cake recipe from scratch? That is unlikely. This particular cake is one that many of us grew up eating as kids, and at a time when other ingredients, such as chocolate, were still expensive enough to be only added, and then very sparingly, to the icing. Nuts were prohibitively costly, and almost only appeared during the holidays in fruit cakes and other, similar goodies. As such, a buttermilk vanilla cake recipe from scratch brings back plenty of good memories for most of us from that era. Regardless of its ilk, this cake is packed full of great flavor and lovely texture, if it is well made. To help to deliver great taste, use vanilla extract that you make from scratch, too, rather than buying a commercial vanilla extract. The difference in flavor is truly quite surprising. You can find plenty of recipes to make vanilla extract from scratch online, and they are all terrific.

Buttermilk is another great ingredient that this cake recipe calls for, and that can be used for all sorts of things you might be baking. It is especially popular in pancakes since the buttermilk not only improves the flavor of the pancake, but also makes it more tender and allows things to really rise well. And buttermilk is not an expensive thing to buy, is available in most grocery stores, and can last a long time in the fridge. In this particular buttermilk vanilla cake recipe, the buttermilk provides lots of tang to the dish, but it also improves the crumb. Here, the word, crumb, means the texture that you find on the inside of the cake, and not the little extra bits of the cake that might fall to the table.

The cake is a simple standard recipe that you can invite the kids to help you make up for dinner tonight. It is a cake that is best made with a blender if you have one, although hand mixing can also work well. It is a truly lovely cake that can be served warm as easily and nicely as it can be served cold. The icing is buttermilk and vanilla frosting, and the simplicity of the flavors of buttermilk and vanilla complementing each other in both the cake and the frosting will produce a terrific dessert for you and your family’s dinner table. Or, make it early in the day, and treat yourself to a hot and bold cup of tea, and the first big slice of this cake. As with many cakes, dress this one up by making it in two layers. And any cake always tastes better when it is made in layers.

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