Butterscotch Banana Bread

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A great variation on a classic, this Butterscotch Banana Bread will meet the needs of every person with a sweet tooth in your house. This recipe packs the nutrition of eggs, bananas and other good ingredients to produce a nice twist on a traditional dessert. Bananas are a wonderful fruit to cook with, usually mashed and blended well in to a flour base that infuses the fruit’s flavor throughout the recipe. It is well worth chopping a few fresh bananas over the top of banana bread to make it even more flavorful and delicious.

This recipe uses butterscotch chips to help achieve the butterscotch flavor in this recipe. Butterscotch works well with banana, giving the bananas a nice buttery and nutty undertone that is enjoyable. This recipe also calls for self-rising flour. If you use your flour frequently, and know that you are buying fresh flour at your grocery store, self rising flour can help save you some time. It contains both baking powder and salt so you do not have to add those ingredients separately when you make a dessert, like this one. However, the action of the baking powder decreases over time, and so if your flour sits, you might want to add baking powder in to compensate. You do not need to add more salt, as that flavor does not deteriorate (or at least, not that quickly).

This is a quick and easy recipe, action packed with the flavors of butterscotch and bananas. It is a great loaf to make and freeze, so double the recipe when you put this together. Serve it for breakfast, lunch, at tea, or late at night when you want something that is not too sweet, but is also satisfying. This Butterscotch Banana Bread will fit the bill. Try it soon.

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