Butterscotch Bundt Cake with Caramel Glaze

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A bundt cake is always an elegant dessert to present. Try this Butterscotch Bundt Cake with Caramel Glaze, and you will see what a show stopper this dessert can be. Bundt cakes are not much different than a normal pan cake, and the recipes can certainly be baked as flat pan cakes or as layer cakes, if you prefer. Often the bundt cake recipe is not intended to be an iced or frosted cake. As such, the recipes for bundt cakes can sometimes be slightly less sweet, or have only a glaze to sweeten them. The best way to know whether you like this type of cake or not is to simply, try it.

This bundt cake is simple to prepare as it uses mostly commercial ingredients. Simply combine the cake mix, pudding mixes and add the butterscotch chips, and you are practically there. As such, this bundt cake might be sweeter than a classic one, made from scratch. Still, the use of pre-packaged ingredients means that any one in the household can likely put this cake together quickly and be assured of a successful outcome. With the addition of the pudding mixes, this bundt cake will likely be especially moist. The caramel glaze is made according to the traditional method of blending butter, cream and sugar. This blend, made correctly, yields a sumptuous and decadent topping. It will suit the butterscotch flavor of the cake quite well.

This cake is easy to make, and baking it in the bundt pan will give it a wonderful shape that is elegant when you serve it. Buy a simply shaped bundt pan. The more elaborate styles and shapes can wreak havoc on you when you try to remove the cake from the pan if it has not been laboriously oiled and floured. Even then you can run in to difficulties. Enjoy this cake.

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