Cajun Chicken Alfredo

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Cajun Chicken Alfredo is a dish that builds on classic Alfredo, a dish that is deceptively delicious for its simplicity. An Alfredo can be as little as melted butter thickened with the best Parmesan cheese you can afford. It is then tossed with a good pasta, preferably one you have made yourself, of course, and served. A very simple dish that originated in Italy, as you have likely guessed already.

This dish became very popular in the United States once it arrived there in the mid 1940s, and was elaborated on and further developed as time went on. Eventually, the typical Alfredo was made with varying amounts of fat, flour and cheese. Some recipes added wines and various seasonings and served the Alfredo with any variety of fish, meat, chicken or plain. So this dish is another lovely variation on a great basic dish.

This recipe uses seasonings from Paul Prudhomme, a wonderful Louisiana chef. He has an entire line of seasonings, every one of which is no less than fabulous. This seasoning is used on the chicken to give the Cajun flavor to the dish. The dish suggests that you can substitute lower fat milk where cream is called for. Don't do that the first time you make Alfredo. This dish is intended to be served in very tiny quantities, and the richness of the Alfredo is worth the cream. As well, make it with marinated, dried tomatoes. Their pungent, sharp flavor is important to contrast against the richness of the cream. This recipe will make a fabulous dish, good enough for your best guests and special occasions. Try it as the original recipe calls for it to be made, then adapt and change it to suit your own tastes.

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