Cajun Jambalaya Pasta - Cheesecake Factory CopyCat

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This copycat recipe for Cajun Jambalaya Pasta Cheesecake Factory is going to solve that problem of your big craving! Once you acquire a taste for a certain meal it does get in your head, and you do get cravings, trouble is you cannot always go out to the restaurant and enjoy or satisfy that yearning.

I love how the Creole Contessa describes this dish as a 'True Party In Your Mouth'. With a statement like that you will expect nothing less than a full flavored dish. The recipe we are going to share uses andouille sausage, chicken breasts, and JUMBO shrimp as the main ingredients, but you will unveil a wonderful assortment of spices and other tasty items that go into making this dish.

Let us just learn a little history about Jambalaya! In the United States, Louisiana was the state where Jambalaya began. The Spanish and southern France were already making paella, which is similar. Traditionally there are three main parts to make up a Jambalaya. There are the meat part, the vegetable part and the stock and rice part.

There are three methods. First is the 'red jambalaya'. This version includes tomatoes in the vegetable portion. The second style is a rural 'Creole jambalaya' and is more what you would expect in southern parts of Louisiana. There is no tomato in this dish. Thirdly and not so common is 'Cajun jambalaya' and in this dish the meat and veggies are cooked separately from the rice part and the meat and veggies are served on top of the rice rather than being part of the dish. The dish has been adapted as to what was available in the parts you were living as well as to suit the tastebuds of children. The dish is hearty and simple to prepare, a real comfort food.

Lets direct you now to the 'Creole Contessa' website just below where you will find the complete list of ingredients and the instructions for the delicious Jambalaya!

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