Cajun Lasagna

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Let us make Lasagna! Not just any lasagna, how about we try this featured 'Cajun Lasagna' from the Creole Contessa! I don't know about you but in our household this type of food is a must. When you are feeding 4-6 people, everyday casseroles, stews, soups, chili and lasagnas are on the menu at least once a week. It is an easy way to feed a crowd, plus I always double the recipe and make two lasagnas at a time. One gets eaten, and the other frozen. It is not that much more work to double it up and prep for two at a time.

This recipe has some tasty ingredients that as in any recipe you can certainly modify to suit your families personal preferences. Our featured home chef Lisa uses ground turkey and andouille sausage as the base of the meat sauce. Because we are making Cajun, some of the spices include Creole seasoning, crushed red pepper and some Italian seasonings to name a few. The cheesy layer is a combination of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, jack cheese, mozzarella cheese and ricotta cheese plus a couple more ingredients. WOW! We don't want to give away all that goes into the recipe, but we like to excite and entice you to image what the flavor and textures are going to be when all of the ingredients are combined. Lisa gives a prep and cooking time of about two hours, so you can easily get this started mid afternoon and have it coming out of the oven when the kids arrive home from school hungry. The other great thing about lasagna, if not all the family members are home 'on time' for the dinner hour; this is one of the easiest things to warm up as needed.

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