Can you Believe This Adorable Little Cottage Use to Be a Garage?

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Do you love tiny houses but you already have a home of your own? If you already have a property of your own to build on, why not build a tiny house on your property as a guest house or a rental property? That way you can still accommodate guests without having your home get too overcrowded, and you could also rent it out to make an income from it. A homeowner in Maryland shows how easy it can be to transform a little garage into a tiny house that's suitable for part-time small house living or even as a long-term rental for someone who doesn't need a lot of space. These homeowners got the help of ART Design Build and ditched their one-car garage to make way for a cute small house design. This could open up so many possibilities for those with buildings already on their property, or give inspiration for small house designs to build from scratch. Inside this tiny house, right away, you notice the bright living room with a Murphey bed and then a lovely upstairs loft. The nice thing about this small house design that makes it equipped for small house living is the small bathroom and the little kitchen. The loft could be a bedroom, or it could just be used as storage. There is enough room to stand up in the loft plus some great skylights to bring more light into the space.

They also included lots of windows and triple French which open up the small space making it brighter and more inviting. This small house design is a great example of how windows can make a smaller space feel really open and spacious. If you're even designing a tiny house or even a small room or basement suite, the more windows you add in, the better. They also left a lot of space for storage which is also very important in a tiny house design. Open shelving works great in the kitchen, and built-in cabinets also help to increase storage space. Using vertical space in a tiny house is a very smart choice to make since you can really store a lot of stuff on the walls up to the ceiling. There are even storage ideas that you can implement in the space between the studs of the walls too. You have to make these storage spaces on interior walls only though as there needs to be a proper amount of insulation in the walls to keep the home warm and cool.

This tiny house is not only very well designed it's also eco-friendly too. It's very energy efficient and only has 340 square feet with a thermal efficient double roof to have a strong air barrier. Insulation is very important if you know you'll be using your tiny house year round, either as a part-time small house living situation or full-time. You'll also need to consider different heating options for your tiny house as well if you get colder winters where you live. Many people will go with a couple of different heat sources in their tiny house so that they always have a backup heat source. So if you want wood fire heat, you can get a wood burning stove and then, to supplement the heat you can get electric panel heaters. Propane heaters are also great for those tiny houses that are off-grid, same with the wood-burning fireplaces. Many times you can even find wood for free to heat your tiny house and since it's so tiny, it will heat very efficiently, and it will stay warm if it's properly insulated.***

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