Can you see yourself in this Romantic Log Cabin ?

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Many people have the dream of building a log house or cabin of their very own. Can you see yourself in this romantic log cabin? Before you dive into planning and building a log house of your very own, it could be helpful to stay in a few beautiful log cabin rentals like this one from Cabins USA to find out what you really want in a log home of your own. Log home building can be quite an expensive endeavour, which is why it's so crucial to be completely sure of what you want before you invest thousands of dollars into the build. There are so many log house designs to consider too, which can make the process even more daunting, giving you even more reason to take this whole process nice and slow. The cabin rental here is called A Long Kiss Goodnight, and it's located in Sevierville, Tennessee, a beautiful place to visit and enjoy nature. This log house is a great option to rent out if you are considering building a small log house or a log cabin for recreational use. Or, it would be great to stay in to see if you would like living in a smaller home as opposed to a larger home. Sometimes you just won't know until you try it out for yourself, and let yourself feel the space. It's great to consider how small you could live because not only will this save you money, living minimally is also a great way to free yourself from debt and live a happier life.

It's said that the more corners you have in your log house designs, the more expensive it will be. Which makes sense because the more internal and external walls you have to build, the more building materials you need, and the cost of the build just rises. So considering smaller log house designs like this one would benefit you in your decision making process. If you decide you just need more space, then at least you know you can cross a small log house off your list, making the decision that much easier to make in the long run. This particular cabin rental has one bedroom and one bathroom, which would suffice for a couple or one single person, but probably isn't enough space for a family to live in. It could work okay for a recreational cabin in the summer time when it's just being used on weekends or holidays for a family, but it might not be the most comfortable to live in full time. The amazing construction of this log cabin will definitely get you inspired for your own log home building process. All of the gorgeous wood work and the great use of space shows that even a small space can be utilized well if it's planned out well.

The planning stage of the log home building process is one of the most crucial stages as you build your log home. It's here that you will decide the layout of the home and how many rooms and bathrooms you will need depending on the number of people living in the home. It's also a great idea to sit down with your whole family, even the young ones, and talk about everyone's thoughts about the home that you will live in together. Do the kids want a room of their own? Or do they mind sharing with another sibling? You could start out by staying in a one bedroom cabin like this one and work your way up to the larger ones to see what you prefer. Take notes and compare the different spaces, and have some fun with it too of course.***

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