Canada Dry Gingers Ale and 7UP Punch Recipes

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Sometimes water can just get boring to drink, so getting in our recommended three liters each day can seem impossible. Try these Canada Dry gingers Ale and 7UP Punch Recipes and see if you can get kids to drink up more and more often.

We don't worry so much about fluid intake in the winter (although we should) but when the summer heats up, we worry that our kids may not be taking in as much fluid as we like. Children race around, jump on the trampoline, jump in and out of the pool, play baseball, and lie in the shade under their favorite tree, but somehow they never seem to make it into the kitchen to take a drink. There are just too many other more interesting things to do.

Children who look unusually flushed and hot or overly sweaty need to be tended to, to ensure they have enough fluids in them and stay hydrated during those lazy hazy summer days. And these recipe suggestions may offer the perfect solution to get them to take in more liquids.

Rachel, the creator of Eazy Peazy Meals, has four kids so she knows how to make food and drinks that both kids and adults will go for. She also knows to keep it budget friendly. And these recipes fit the bill on both counts. As another bonus, the recipe is so easy to make it will be put together in minutes. Although Rachel uses a food processor to make things super easy, you could also blend everything by hand. And this recipe won't even require you to make up extra ice cubes. It's that simple.

Try one of these recipes out and see if your kids don't drink up more often. To help encourage them, put these drinks into fun containers such as small jars with colorful straws or umbrellas or with spears of fresh fruit. Watermelon, lemons, strawberries or whatever fruit happens to be in season can work well. Or rim the glass with a bit of sugar. Flavor the sugar with lemon, lime, ginger or even cinnamon. Then see if the kids don't come running. They will likely be trailed by thirsty adults too!

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