Candied Broccoli Salad

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This recipe for Candied Broccoli Salad is not quite candied, but the recipe does include a sweet sauce that makes this an unusual and fun dish to try for lunch or dinner. This dish will serve up well with other dishes that work against a sweet flavor. That might include something like pork chops, which taste great when a slightly sweet addition is served with it. Rice could be another accompaniment to this particular salad.

This salad calls for either sugar or honey in the dressing part of the recipe. If you use honey (which will give a lovely flavor that is somewhat less sweet and overpowering than sugar) warm it up a bit so it is easier to blend in to the other ingredients. The last thing you want is a glob of unmixed honey to deal with! There are lots of nutritious things in this recipe, too, like sunflower seeds and raisins. Dried fruit is a great source of iron. Sunflower seeds are chock full of vitamins, minerals and are a great source of vitamin E, copper and B1, to name only a few of the great things you get in them. They are a terrific snack food. Buy them in the shell and set them out on your counter for the kids to munch on whenever they get a hunger pang. The shells will keep them busy and slow down their consumption so they do not overeat.

This is a great salad that blends veggies, bacon, seeds and dried fruit to create a really lovely sweet, salty and rich blend of things that you want your family to enjoy and eat often. This salad will get them off to a great start. Try it soon and make it often.

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