Candy Cane Cocoa

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Try this Candy Cane Cocoa recipe and you will convert everyone from plain hot chocolate to chocolate with candy cane flavor in it. The flavor of mint that comes from this candy cane cocoa recipe is fabulous, and works perfectly against the deep and rich flavor of the chocolate that is part of it. This candy cane cocoa recipe is an entirely made from scratch drink that you can make with adult additions such as schnapps or keep just for the kids by forgoing the alcohol and just adding in peppermint flavoring. Either way that you make this cocoa recipe, it will be delicious. The recipe uses only a small amount of half and half cream and then adds either marshmallows or whipped cream to add a flourish to this cocoa recipe. You can increase the amount of cream, by either using half and half cream to replace the milk or by using pure whipping cream (but unwhipped, of course). This switch will increase the richness of the chocolate and make it supremely decadent, but hot chocolate is so decadent to begin with, especially when it is made from scratch, like this recipe, that you might as well go the whole way and entirely enjoy the drink.

This recipe is easy to come together, of course, since you just blend the ingredients in a pot, bring them to a good heat, and then add whatever you want on top. So you could serve the hot chocolate with marshmallows, whipped cream (and some cherries, if you like), or some candy canes on the side. The kids will love the candy canes of course and keep dipping them in to the hot chocolate as they drink it. The same will be true for the marshmallows, especially if you use the mini ones. The kids will eat the marshmallows and pester you for more before they are even a few drinks in to their cocoa. But perhaps that is what serving candy cane cocoa and the holidays are all about, indulging our selves and our kids perhaps a little more than we might on a regular day.

This drink is wonderful to make, and will change your mind entirely and completely about making hot cocoa from scratch. It is so easy to make, and tastes so much better and richer than any similar drink you might buy from the grocery store. And you will find that it does not cost very much more to make this drink from scratch using these superior ingredients than it does to tear open a paper packet of (mostly sugar) and stir it in to a cup. So try this recipe and see how you like homemade cocoa.

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