Candy Cane Crunch Snacks

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This Candy Cane Crunch Snacks recipe will thrill the little ones if you make these up for them today. And they can even help you make these pretty little crunch treats. This crunch snacks recipe is easy peasy to put together and it is really more an exercise in construction than in any baking. And it takes just three simple ingredients to make this candy cane recipe. So this is definitely a recipe to involve the kids in putting together. So get the ingredients together and make this crunch snacks with the kids for the afternoon. It will be loads of fun, and they will enjoy both making them and then eating them up.

This candy cane snacks recipe will yield a big amount of crunch snacks that you can keep for quite a long time since all the ingredients are loaded with sugar and preservatives. They do not likely even need to be refrigerated or frozen. They can simply be put in to a bag and left in the cupboard until you want to eat one or two of them (which is about all the sugar you will need from these super sweet treats). The recipe does remind you to be sure to use a good melting chocolate to ensure that you can properly blend the ingredients, so be careful about what you choose to use for that part of the candy cane recipe.

This is a quick and easy treat that literally comes together in only one or two minutes. So if you are looking for something super sweet to serve and do not have any time to make anything, this recipe might be a good choice for you to make. And it is cheap enough that, if you do not want to keep the left over amounts, you could just throw them out rather than packaging them up and trying to serve them again. This is likely one recipe that is best served and eaten when it is made and not held over for any long period of time.

This recipe has candy canes as one its three main ingredients so the flavor of peppermint will be very strong in this snacking dish. So it might also be a snack that is more appropriate towards the holiday season when that particular flavor begins to pop up more and more frequently. Of course, kids will eat peppermint and any other sweet taste whenever it is presented to them, so if it is for the kids that you are putting together this snack, make it up whenever you happen to think of it, or they ask for something sweet. Enjoy this snack when you want something crunchy and full of peppermint.

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