Candy Corn M&M White Chocolate Fudge

Photo Credit: This Gal Cooks

One of the most fun things about being a baker is the ability to take advantage of seasonal baking goods to make wonderful creations for you and your family. Here, candy corn and M&Ms specifically developed for the fall are used to create this fun treat of Candy Corn M&M White Chocolate Fudge. Even if you do not plan to make some thing today, it is worth going to the web site, This Gal Cooks, just to see how pretty this fudge looks. It is every bit the ‘eye candy.’ And, if the kids see the photos on the web site, you will be plagued until you make this treat for them. The white fudge contrasted against the fall colors of bright yellow, orange and deep purple are very pretty.

This fudge is so easy to make and incorporates lots of texture and taste with the use of the candy corn and M&Ms. That means this snack will bring on plenty of chewing and smacking of lips as this kids gobble every bit from the crunchy sprinkles to the large bits of corn, the chocolate M&Ms and the creamy smooth fudge. The fudge includes white chocolate in the form of chocolate chips, which is why its color is so white. That makes the contrasts to the oranges and yellows and purples from the other ingredients particularly noticeable.

This snack is easy to make, and will come together in no time. It can probably be eaten almost as soon as it is made, although it will be awfully sweet. Chilling this snack for a few hours in the fridge will allow the flavors to come together and reduce how sweet the treat is. Of course, for the kids, sweeter always means better, so you can decide when you want to serve up this snack for them. Enjoy it soon.

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