Canning Tomatoes

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Canning tomatoes requires a few careful but not difficult steps to ensure a bacteria-free result. Better Homes and Gardens offers great how-to’s and simple instructions that will make your first attempt at this time-honored tradition a success. Nothing feels better than to pull out your own garden tomatoes in the middle of winter to make a tomato sauce or give to guests when they visit.

The first time I attempted canning tomatoes I was visiting my boyfriend, who later became my husband, for the first time at his home. He loved gardens, grew tons of tomatoes and other vegetables, and could cook, preserve, jam and can like no one I’d ever seen. I, on the other hand, had barely even begun to get peanut butter and jelly sandwiches under control. Still, I didn’t want to look silly in his eyes, and so when he asked if I’d like to spend the day canning tomatoes while he worked out in the field, I said, “of course!” like I was an old hand at the process.

Out he went in to the fields, and I was left to can those tomatoes. I did have the good sense to rinse them and put them in a pot for a bit, until the whole mess came to a boil. Then I popped them in one of the glass jars and set them on the counter. Once they were cooled I stuck a lid on them and put them in the cupboard. Job done. When he returned, all the tomatoes had been processed, and the entire place, cleaned up. He was quite impressed.

A few days later, we were again working in the kitchen. Suddenly, a loud POP! was heard from the cupboard. My boyfriend walked over and stood a moment. “Did you process the tomatoes in the water bath for long enough?” he asked, peering at me rather suspiciously. “Water bath?” I responded, weakly.

Well, he married me anyway, laughing the whole way down the aisle, and still teases me. You need not suffer the same fate if you go to this site when you are ready to can your tomatoes!

Find out how to can tomatoes and other things at the website, Better Homes and Gardens, by following the link below.

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