Caramel Apple Cake

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This recipe produces a lovely Caramel Apple Cake where the flavor of apple and caramel come together to produce a tart and sweet contrast that every one in the house will enjoy. This cake also includes nuts and the caramel sits as a boiled icing on top of the cake, so there will be layers of taste and texture in this cake. The web site, Lady Behind the Curtain, also tells us to not pre-heat the oven before adding the cake in to the oven. This method is hotly debated as even a few minutes googling will show you. But this recipe has been tested and so the method works and you can try it for yourself and see what the outcome is.

This cake includes pecans as part of its recipe. Nuts are a great addition to any food, savory or sweet that you might be cooking up. In sweets, nuts are a particularly good addition because they can slow the absorption of sugar that is so often also a part of any sweet treat. As well, pecans add tremendous nutritional value in terms of vitamins and minerals that are chock full in most nuts and seeds. To mention only a few, you will find calcium, magnesium, and potassium in most of them, and each of these is important to our good health. They also add great texture to the cake, and along with the chopped apples, will create a cake that has plenty of good chewing in it. With respect to the apples, consider not peeling the apples, but using them with the skins on. The skins bring lots of fiber to this recipe (also found in the pecans, actually) some thing that many of our contemporary food plans lack. So this cake has lots of goodness in the ingredients.

But there is also plenty of sweet stuff, especially in the frosting. This is a boiled frosting that produces a great texture and taste to this cake. It is a sweet topping to the tartness of the apples and the sultry flavor of the pecans. Enjoy this cake soon.

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