Caramel Apple Crisp

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The trick to this Caramel Apple Crisp will be finding a caramel sauce that is worthy of this homemade recipe. Consider making your own caramel for this apple crisp. It is quite simple, and you can google and find a recipe quickly that would suit. And almost anything you make from scratch will be an improvement over something purchased. Here, our website blogger and recipe creator did choose Smuckers, a name brand that is trusted by most of us. So that is one possibility if you do not want to take time for a home made caramel.

Apple crisp is one of those recipes that probably just evolved from the homestead. It is easy to toss together, can vary enormously in its choice and balance of ingredients, and is always perfect when served with ice cream or whipped cream. Apples are a wonderful fruit, especially in the Autumn, and especially if you can get to an Apple Orchard during picking season and pick some yourself. There is something very special about standing on a ladder with a basket and hearing and seeing the apples fall, plunk-plunk from the trees, and biting in to a juicy one that you have just plucked from a branch. Don’t miss out on the opportunity if you ever can participate in this process. It will create very special memories for you and your family.

As with most crisps, this one includes oats. Oats are just such a great food source! Try and include them in many recipes. Here, you just add the oats in, and they contribute a nutty and buttery flavor along with a mealy texture that is really pleasant in the mouth. If you don’t want any one to know you are adding something healthy to a dish (like these oats) then grind them very fine. Either way, the oats help the apples pop and really make this dish sing. Try it soon!

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