Caramel Apple Milky Way Cheesecake Cookie Bars

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Okay, this recipe blends just about every taste sensation possible in to these Caramel Apple Milky Way Cheesecake Cookie Bars, so it is likely there truly is something for everyone in these bars. One secret to these yummy bars lies in the balance of ingredients. How do you get so many flavors to work well together? Make sure you use a small amount of each and carefully layer them for maximum flavor impact.

This recipe also has great photos to show you how to layer and decorate each ingredient so the bars really showcase what you have pulled together. That means they will look as pretty as they taste. Kids will gravitate towards them because of the chocolate and caramel they see on top. You will love them because they are quick and easy to make. This recipe has several steps so be sure to read the recipe through so you understand how the layers in these cookie bars come together. They are not difficult, but you want to be sure to get the steps right, so your bars look just as terrific as the website illustrates. And you can do it.

This recipe may not be for beginning bakers, not because it is too difficult, but because it requires the patience to read and understand the various steps in the process before beginning. If your baker has the patience to read through and familiarize him or her self with the steps before beginning the bars, then there will be no problem. Of course, even if the steps get a bit messed up, the result will still be fantastic. Try these bars any time. They are perfect for a casual snack, afternoon bite, dessert for dinner, or to take to friends, picnics and other outings and gatherings. Try it soon and you will begin to bake it often. Enjoy!

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