Caramel Apple Pie in an Oatmeal Cookie Crust

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All the yummy sins of this Caramel Apple Pie in an Oatmeal Cookie Crust—namely, the caramel and sugar—are made up by the apples and oatmeal that are also part of this recipe. One of the best things about oatmeal is that it is chock full of goodness, but also imparts fabulous flavor to whatever dish it is added in to. Oatmeal has that kind of versatility that only a few things have whereby it can be added to sweet dishes to impart a lovely texture as well as buttery and nutty taste, or used in savory dishes to thicken or add elasticity (like in bread). Oatmeal is nibbly and nubbly and generally a great ingredient. It also has tons of fiber and is a good breakfast cereal to get your kids in the habit of eating. It is heart supportive and helps to lower cholesterol. As well, the oatmeal in this recipe helps to slow the absorption of the sugar so there will be less of a sugar spike when you eat this dish.

The apples work in much the same way as the oatmeal. They impart a tangy and tart flavor as well as great texture to the dish while adding plenty of vitamins and minerals as well, again, as loads of fiber (if the skins remain on especially). Apple and oatmeal are also wonderful flavor complements. A bit of fun is tossed in to this recipe (and why not?) with the caramel topping. A recipe, from scratch, is included. This butter caramel is easy to make, and far superior to any commercial variety you may buy, so if you make this dish from scratch, go the whole route and make the butter caramel from scratch, too.

This is a fantastic recipe that can be served with ice cream, whipped cream, or for some, a thin slice of cheddar cheese. Choose the one you like, and enjoy.

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