Caramel Apple Poke Cake

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This quick and easy cake is a good choice for a new baker to try his or her hand at a caramel apple poke cake. There are convenient mixes that make this cake much easier to come together, and no tedious apple peeling to do. So a young baker can gain confidence in his or her skills and learn more about how a poke cake is made, and what delicious ingredients work to make a poke cake, as well as the many frostings and other toppings and drizzles that can be put on top of this cake.

The flavor of caramel and apple is an interesting contrast of sour in the apple and sweet in the caramel. The way these two flavors fit so perfectly together really illustrates the idea of the complementary nature of the five basic flavors. The five (sometimes argued as six) flavors include sweet, sour, bitter, umami, and salty. In some cultures, individual dishes and often meals, are worked so that all of these flavors (and one more, at time, piquancy) are eaten. The idea is that a palette that experiences all of these flavors will be entirely satiated. In any event, the sweet and sour of caramel and apple cannot be denied. A sweet apple, like JonaGold, might also be delicious if a salty flavor were brought in to the caramel. Salted caramel has made a real flavor come back in recent years.

However you like it, this cake is a sweet treat to serve your family and friends. It comes together really easily and quickly. It is not expensive to make. Chill it well for best results. Twenty four hours is not too long to leave the poke cake to sit and take up its flavors, so if you want to bring something to a friend’s home for the weekend, make this on Thursday or Friday night.

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