Caramel Apple Truffles Recipe

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Try this Caramel Apple Truffles Recipe and enjoy your own caramel apples in the form of truffles without all the bulk of eating an apple while you do it. How great is that for a yummy treat? And the other good part of this truffles recipe is that there is no butter in them, and so they are much lower in fat and calories than regular, ordinary truffles can be. This recipe uses a lot of pre-made and pre-packaged ingredients, too, so that will save you plenty of prep time when you make up this truffles recipe for the family. And with the surprise inside that you discover upon biting in to one of these truffles, you will have plenty of repeat requests for ‘more, please.’ So make sure that you prepare plenty of this truffles recipe to serve up all the people you love in your life.

This recipe is very easy to make. Nothing needs to be made in the true sense, really; this truffles recipe involves only a bit of stirring and microwaving. It just does not get any easier to make a truffles recipe than this one. And the combination of caramel and apple is pretty much always welcome by everyone, so you can be sure that your sweet treat will be met with lots of acclaim and thanks. This recipe is quick enough and so simple that kids could even make it, as long as you manage the microwaving of the chocolate. This truffles recipe has a special aspect, in that it uses white chocolate to cover the caramel and apples that make up the filling. The combination of white chocolate, caramel and apples are delicious, and against the tangy cream cheese that is used to make the filling for the truffle, you will enjoy a bit of sharp flavor against sweet taste in every bite.

This is a great truffles recipe that will please everyone on your truffles list. It is a great thing to make for gifts, as well, or to give to friends and whomever else might drop by your house (when they are lucky enough to come on a day when you are making these yummy treats). So be sure to get the kids to help you out when you make these simple and delicious treats that have a tangy, sweet and tasty combination of apple, caramel and white chocolate. This caramel apple truffles recipe makes truffles that are pretty to look at, and even better to eat, so make plenty. You will find that not only do the kids want to eat them, but also friends and neighbors may suddenly be dropping by when they learn you have made them.

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