Caramel Apples With Chocolate and Peanuts

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Who does not just love Caramel Apples With Chocolate and Peanuts? Especially around Hallowe’en where this treat seems to have taken over. When I was a kid growing up, there was a neighbor who gave these treats out to everyone that visited her home. Of course, it was a tiny town, and we all knew her, so we could eat these treats with great delight. You can make an even more wonderful version if you follow the recipe on this web site, Hugs & Cookies XOXO.

These recipes (several versions are on the website) can be made with little ones. The decorations might not be as spectacular as the ones on the web site, but you will have tons of fun putting these treats together (and the flavor will be the same). Check out the web site, of course, to see just how fabulous the finished Caramel Apples With Chocolate and Peanuts can look, if you want to spend a lot of time decorating them. When we were kids, we always made treats such as these ones, and we simply called them, Ugly Food. Some how, though, the ugly food tasted even more delicious than the polished and proper decorations that my mom could put together.

These recipes use apples and commercial toppings and other ingredients. Be sure not to get too large apples, as they can get difficult to work with. And one thing you can be glad of, with the skins on (and really, even without the skins), these apples will slow the absorption of all that sugar and give a good teeth cleaning as your kids gobble down all that sweet stuff. See? Always a silver lining in a fudge filled cloud of caramel, marshmallows and chocolate, right? Enjoy these Caramel Apples With Chocolate and Peanuts soon.

Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Hugs & Cookies XOXO, by following the link below.

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