Caramel Banana Pudding Lush

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Banana is a flavor that never ceases to surprise me with its versatility. Try this caramel banana pudding lush and see if you and your family agree.

Bananas are tropical fruit, and the most popular one sold in North America grocery stores. Pineapple places a somewhat distant second, for all of its popularity. Bananas taste great, kids and finicky eaters almost always like them, they are good food to serve mashed, whole, chopped, blended, cooked or plain. There is not much you cannot do with bananas. Served with spicy vegetables, alone, chopped on top, or in a cooling yogurt is also a great way to eat them. One fabulous vegetable pairing combines carrots cooked in orange juice and raisins with a bit of curry and cumin. Add the bananas just before you serve. Dee-lish.

This recipe combines banana with caramel in a lush pudding, which reflects another great quality about bananas. Some things just taste better when they are firm or fully tender. Bananas, though, taste fantastic at every stage of whole to mush and in-between.

This recipe also uses a minimum amount of sugar and includes dairy, fruit, and almonds that bump up the nutritional value of this dish. It also means that smaller pieces will likely fill hungry mouths more quickly (then again, the flavor may drive your family to request seconds, anyway).

Almonds are very nutritious nuts, and almost always available in a multitude of ways to buy it at your local grocer from organic nuts with skin on to ground almonds where the skin has been removed. However you prefer almonds, they are a great food for your family. Whole, they make a good snack for after-school hungries, too. Almonds are loaded with good fats, the kind that helps reduce heart disease and lower cholesterol. We are not usually concerned about these levels in our kids, but why not start them off eating good things when they are young and ensure they will continue those good habits when they get older?

This recipe also includes plenty of dairy for more protein and calcium. The blend of foods here in an easy-to-follow recipe is worth a site visit. Why not head over now?

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