Caramel Cashew Ice Cream

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Caramel Cashew Ice Cream dessert is a sweet and rich, smooth and crunchy, cold delight that will have people lined up for seconds. It is quick and easy to make and combines nuts, caramel sauce and lots of other good ingredients to create this recipe. It is simply made in a dish that you pop in the freezer for several hours to overnight, so you do not need an ice cream maker for this super dish. The secret to this dish as a real treat lies in the homemade caramel sauce. Commercial sauce pales quickly next to something you make yourself with real ingredients like brown sugar and butter. This recipe calls for evaporated milk, which gives a lovely flavor to the caramel sauce. Do not substitute milk; it just is not the same. You could substitute full cream, if you have it. Use dark brown sugar if you can find it, although light brown sugar will produce a fabulous result, too.

The caramel sauce works with the cream (use real cream, about two cups’ worth instead of cool whip or other commercial toppings for best flavor and results) and other ingredients to produce a truly decadent dessert. The cashews that go in the ice cream dessert are salted. The flavor of salt in something sweet is a delightful contrast that really improves the overall flavor of the dish. The crunch of the cashews is a nice texture play against the smoothness of the ice cream. In all this is a lovely dessert, especially since so many of the ingredients are made from scratch.

Make this dessert and be sure to let it chill at least overnight so the flavors really come together. Then surprise your family with it on a night in front of the television. What a treat!

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