Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Are you looking for a new chocolate chip cookie recipe to try out? This could be the best chocolate chip cookie recipe you've tried yet. This recipe from Ashlyn of Belle Of The Kitchen is for caramel chocolate chip cookies which include the recipe for regular chocolate chip cookies but with caramel chips added in with the chocolate chips for a delicious spin on a classic recipe. We all know chocolate and caramel go so well together in other dessert recipes, so it's natural to put them in the best chocolate chip cookie recipe to complement the chocolate chips. Originally, chocolate chip cookies started out in Whitman, Massachusetts in 1938. These homemade cookies were created by Ruth Graves Wakefield who was an American chef who owned the Toll House Inn. The restaurant was well known and loved for the homecooked meals and homemade cookies that Ruth and the other chefs would prepare. She was always trying out new recipes to serve to the guests, and the chocolate chip cookie ended up being one of those recipes. She had been making a thin butterscotch nut cookie that they served with ice cream, and all of the guests loved it.

She wanted something different to share with the guests, so she came up with what she called the Toll House cookie. She chopped up a Nestlé chocolate bar and put the chunks into the cookie dough. When the guests tried her new homemade cookies, they were amazed by how delicious they were, and from there the cookie became very popular. The recipe was featured in the recipe book Toll House Tried and True Recipes and was named Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookies. Now we know the recipe to be chocolate chip cookies, and there are specific chocolate chips made just for the sake of using them in these recipes. Now there are other flavours of chocolate chips like the caramel ones that you'll use in this recipe, as well as butterscotch ones, white chocolate ones and even mint chocolate chips. If you wanted to make this recipe into a sea salt and caramel type of cookie, you could add some coarsely grated sea salt on top of the cookies right as soon as they come out of the oven. The balance of sweet and salty is a wonderful combination that is found in a lot of great dessert recipes.

The recipe from Belle Of The Kitchen makes a ton of cookies, around 40 cookies or so, which is great for bringing to a gathering or for the holidays. It would also be perfect for making for bake sales too. The recipe also includes a lot of butter in it, one cup or two sticks of butter. It calls for unsalted butter which is best for use in dessert and cookie recipes since salted butter often contains too much salt for sweet recipes. When you use unsalted butter in your recipes, you can then add as much salt as you like into the recipe as you'll do in this homemade cookie recipe. It calls for a teaspoon of salt which gives it just enough salty flavour that can help bring out the sweetness of the cookie. Also, you'll need eggs for this recipe too, so when you're buying your milk and eggs try to buy organic products from pasture-raised animals. These animals tend to be healthier and happier than factory farmed animals since they are given healthier diets and no hormones or antibiotics. You may also notice that the flavours are better with these organic products as well. Try out this great cookie recipe and see what you think.***

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