Caramel Mountain Top Cheesecake

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Try this Caramel Mountain Top Cheesecake and the sweet lovers in your family will be grateful for ever (or at least until it is all gobbled up!). This cheesecake blends the ever smooth taste of cream cheese against caramel and other lovely ingredients to create a rich and delicious dessert. It also does not require any oven time, so new bakers can try their hand at putting this together. It is also a perfect team recipe, where some helpers can put together the cookie base (like little ones) and others can whip the cream cheese and cream and other middle level ingredients together, while still a third group can set out, chop and prepare the final coup de grace toppings that make this cake a mountain top cheesecake.

Cheesecake is a wonderful dessert, always popular, and always easy to make. The two types, New York cheesecake, and classic, are quite different. Each offers its own advantages. New York cheesecake is great in the summer time, for its lightness and quickness to make, not to mention that you don’t need to turn on a hot oven. The classic cheesecake is sultry and smooth, requires careful attention to make the filling turn out well in the bake, and then improves if it sits 24 hours before being eaten.

Try this particular one soon. It is a variation of the New York cheesecake, and so is quick to come together, more so if you have handy helpers. Nothing about this recipe is baked, so it all comes together and then gets popped in the fridge to chill. Desserts like this one really need 24 hours for the flavors to merge well. Try and do that, even if the recipe says only four hours are needed. Longer in this case is definitely better. But try it soon. Your family will love it.

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