Caramel Shortbread Bars

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If you love the taste and texture of short bread cookies, try this fun twist of Caramel Shortbread Bars. They are a three-layer treat that lightens up a bit on the richness of the traditional short bread (nothing but butter, sugar and flour—yum) to create a lovely base, and then layers a caramel middle. The topping offers a little coup de grace. It uses sea salt as part of the recipe to provide a salty contrast to the rich and sweet bars.

Salt and sugar are fast becoming a popular complement in sweet dishes. That is because the salt adds a bit of a distraction from what can sometimes seem like over whelming sweetness. As well, salt and sugar are surprising complements, and one of five basic flavors that we taste. The other three are sour, bitter and umami, although a sixth one, piquantness or heat, is sometimes also included. Any way you make it, though, the salt is one of the most important aspects in a sweet recipe where you are using the salt to contrast the sweetness. Be sure to buy a good salt, something like Fleur de sel, a salt from France. It is the most common salt used in a sweet like this, with Maledon possibly running a close second. Salts do have different tastes (and colors) and it can be a lot of fun to learn how to use them in different dishes. Do not use these expensive salts in any usual dish, but only where the salt is lightly sprinkled as a contrasting flavor to whatever dish you are making

Enjoy this dish whenever you are in the mood. It is a quick and easy bar to make, and one that every one will appreciate eating as a treat. Do not leave out the salt. It is a critical element in the outcome of the recipe. Enjoy it soon.

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