Carrot Cake Cheesecake Brownie Egg Bombs

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Here is a great recipe for Carrot Cheesecake Brownie "Egg" Bombs. Would you like to make something for Easter dessert that the adults will also enjoy?

Baking creator Hayley from the Domestic Rebel is a self-motivated and self-taught baker. Her background was not one of being in the kitchen as a little girl. We loved this baking idea for Easter and wanted to pass it along. This is a very easy to do recipe as it uses a carrot cake mix, a bakery cheesecake and some M&M's along with a few other things.

If you are all about scratch and organic, you can take this wonderful idea and make you carrot cake and cheesecake. One of the ingredients called for is Candyquik. If you are wondering what Candyquik is, you may not be alone. Candiquik is a candy coating. It is available at most major supermarkets. It can be reheated multiple times. It can be colored using oil or powered food colorings. According to the FDA standards, it is gluten-free.

The difference between Candiquik and almond bark is this. Candy quick has all natural flavors. It has a rich, creamy texture. It contains premium ingredients. More cocoas, refined sugars and milk solids. It also comes in a Melt & Make Microwaveable Tray, so it is very convenient to open and melt. The trays are recyclable and reusable.

Some users tips include using only dry utensils as moisture causes it to get lumpy or harden. Yes, you can reheat and reuse multiple times.

You don't want to overheat Candiquik as it will caramelize and scorch.

If your coating is thicker than normal, this is often caused by humidity and all you need to do is add a teaspoon to a tablespoon of vegetable oil to the melted coating.

Sounds like a great product. Let visit 'The Domestic Rebel' website below to get the full list of ingredients and instructions.

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