Carrot Cake

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Is it even possible to go wrong when you bake a carrot cake for the family? Not likely, but just to be sure let’s try this recipe to ensure a great result. This is a fantastic homemade recipe with all the right ingredients to produce a moist and flavorful dessert that you will just adore. A carrot cake is surprisingly easy to make considering what a sophisticated result this cake brings. A carrot cake can be served any time for any event and every one loves its rich depth of flavor and, of course, the cream cheese icing. This frosting recipe includes an extra ingredient that packs extra flavor punch. This is a great recipe to bookmark; be sure you do!

A carrot cake usually includes carrots, pineapple and some kind of nut, often walnuts. It can also sometimes include raisins and coconut. Don’t be afraid to play with a recipe to try the combination that your family enjoys best. Nuts are always a great addition to any dessert. They add plenty of nutrition, but they also help to slow down the absorption of the sugar and so may help you avoid the sugar rush that so often accompanies eating sweets (well, worse, the down side of the rush that can bring not only exhaustion, but also headaches and other side effects). This recipe suggests walnuts, which are considered the best nuts of all the ones you could buy. They are chock full of vitamins, minerals, as well as anti-oxidants and other high nutritional components.

Make this cake when you want to serve something extra special. This cake might take a bit longer to put together because the carrots need to be grated and the pineapple drained for a bit of time; however, these few extra steps are worth the effort for the fantastic result that comes from this recipe. Be sure to try it soon.

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