Carrot Zucchini Apple Bread

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Summer is the favourite time of year for most people for a number of different reasons and being able to grow you favourite vegetables right in your backyard is only one of them. Mom On Timeout has created an amazing recipe, Carrot Zucchini Apple Bread, for those looking for creative ways to use their summer harvests. This recipe integrates a number of different favourite loaf ingredients into one amazing creation. Mom On Timeout has a number of different recipes available on their website, as well as crafts and DIYs to help keep any 'mom in timeout' busy.

Zucchini is a perfect vegetable to add to your garden this summer. Zucchini loves the heat, which makes it an easy and fast vegetable to grow. Additionally, zucchini can get so large that you may just end up giving your Carrot Zucchini Apple Bread as delicious summer surprises for your friends and family just so you have a way use it all up.

Call yourself a farmer and add in a few rows of carrots and a zucchini plant to your garden this summer to make this loaf something to really feel proud of. And if supporting local food is something you want to start doing more of, switch out the store bought eggs and buy some local free-range eggs from your nearest farmers market. Most farmers markets also have locally produced flour and butter, so keep your eye out for it to add to this recipe and others.

If you are looking for something to make this loaf feed a bit of your sweet-tooth, Mom On Timeout also has an easy to make, four ingredient frosting recipe that you can drizzle over your homemade, locally produced, fresh loaf. To read more, please visit the link below to the 'Mom On Timeout' website that is linked below.

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