Catch Spiders from 4 Feet Away with a Critter Catcher

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If you're afraid of spiders, don't worry, you're not alone. Most people are a little leery of spiders, especially the bigger ones since some of them can actually be poisonous if they bite. So that being said, most people probably don't want to pick up spiders or come close to them at all. If you would rather not squish spiders and instead release them, you may want a different solution too. That's where a spider control tool would come in handy. There's actually a contraption called the Spider Catcher that you could use to catch spiders and release them outside without having to get too close to them. The tool was invented by Tony Allen, a man from Ireland. He got the idea for this contraption when he became annoyed with trying to kill spiders or catching them with the vacuum. The catcher can also be used to catch other pests to set them free outside where they belong. The tool consists of a long pole with a handle on one end and the catcher on the other. The handle has a lever with a trigger, and when you press the trigger, there are bristles that open up on the other end.

Once the spider is in the centre, you can let go of the trigger, and the bristles will trap the spider inside. Then, all you do is just take the tool outside and release the bug outside. Make sure you take the pest far away from your house to release it otherwise it could just end up back inside your home. Common house spiders will usually come out in the springtime which is when the temperatures start to rise within your home causing them to move out of your attics and other spaces. You may also see more spiders in your basements as the temperatures rise because they like to be in a cooler environment when it's hot out. So in the summer, you may find that there are more spiders in your basement. When it comes to spider control, there are some things you can do to keep common house spiders from invading your home. The main thing is to keep your home nice and clean. This is usually the case for keeping most pests away so not only will you reduce the number of spiders but other insects and pests like mice.

When there is a lot of clutter in your home, there are so many places for spiders to hide out and to create webs. Also, if you don't dust or vacuum a lot, you may find more spiders hiding out under furniture. The best way to prevent spiders is to clean your home regularly. Start spider control in the springtime, early in the season before they start to emerge from their hiding places. Begin by vacuuming and dusting, and giving your house a general deep clean. Make sure there aren't any spaces for the spiders to hide out or any food they might want to get into. Then, you can either use a store bought spray and spray your entire home really well, or you can use a homemade spray or use peppermint essential oil around your home to keep them away. When you spray your home make sure you leave your house for a while after so that the odour and fumes dissipate. Spray high up in the ceiling area and around window sills and door frames. Also around vents and any cracks in your home that they could crawl through. Remember spray often and to clean your house regularly for the best spider control and prevention.***

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