Cauliflower Breadsticks

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If you are trying to eat healthy or just want some healthier snack options, these Low Carb Cauliflower Breadsticks will be perfect to try out. This recipe comes to us from Real House Moms and is a great way to bring a delicious snack into your routine. There are many people that are allergic to gluten these days and they must eat a diet that has no flour or wheat products in it. This means cutting out all breads, pastries, most baked goods and of course meals like pizza. The good new is that there are so many wonderful gluten free recipes to choose from online like this cauliflower recipe that looks just like normal breadsticks. Its great that other gluten intolerant people are stepping out and creating recipes like this one so that people with gluten allergies can have snacks and fun foods that they can enjoy too. A gluten intolerance is when people aren't able to digest the gluten in food well which leads to gastrointestinal problems. Gluten is a protein that is like a glue that holds foods together which is why we see it in baking recipes and such. Having a disease like celiac disease causes a person's immune system to be signalled when gluten is consumed and can begin to destroy the digestive tract. This also make it hard for the person to absorb any nutrients into their body. A diet that is full of fresh vegetables and low in sugar can help people with gluten intolerance to not have harsh reactions and stay feeling healthy.

If you are looking for gluten free recipes for bread, you will find that cauliflower is used to make a crust or a bread recipe quite often. Some of the best cauliflower recipes do a really great job of making this light vegetable taste like bread or a doughy crust. Other cauliflower cooking ideas are to make cauliflower into rice if you are staying away from eating rice, although rice is gluten free so it is usually safe on a gluten free diet. This cheesy cauliflower bread stick recipe will be sure to be one of the best cauliflower recipes you have tried. The crust or dough for the cheesy breadsticks is made with cheese right in the crust, as well as an egg which helps the dough bind together. Many gluten free recipes call for eggs as well, some gluten free pancake recipes call for up to six eggs at a time in their recipes made with coconut flour which is a good type of flour to use when you are eating gluten free. Once the crust for this recipe is made, all of the delicious mozzarella cheese gets added on top of the bread like cauliflower dough making this recipe one of the most cheesy, yummy gluten free snacks you will ever try. Cauliflower cooking ideas for other recipes include cauliflower alfredo style sauce made with cauliflower and water and some spices like garlic and sea salt. The cauliflower recipes actually taste very similar to the real deal which is pretty cool.

This cheesy low carb cauliflower breadsticks recipe would be a fun food for kids as well, especially if your child is gluten intolerant and loves to have yummy snacks just like all of the other kids. Other kids would probably love these cheese breadsticks as well, and they might not even notice that the crust in this recipe is made out of a vegetable, so it s a sneaky and fun food for kids to have to eat their vegetables. Thank you to Aubry from Real House Moms for this fabulous recipe that we can't wait to try out.*

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