Cauliflower Cheese Beer Soup

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This Cauliflower Cheese Beer Soup is a great meal, and contains plenty of terrific vegetables and uses plenty of cheese to ensure that it will fill even the hungriest eater. Serve it with a chunk of homemade bread to dunk in the soup, and that will be a wonderful meal for lunch, or even dinner. This recipe uses beer, which offers a surprising amount of taste in breads, soups and other dishes where it appears. Try a Guinness beer in the recipe. It has a deep and rich flavor that enhances whatever dish it is added in to. And remember, the alcohol is burned off during the cooking so there is no liquor in the actual soup, just all the flavor. As well, beer does offer plenty of B vitamins so you will actually increase the nutrients in the dish by adding it in. So don’t worry about the beer in this recipe. (Some recipes also use bourbon in cheese soups, but no need to get carried away.)

This recipe is chock full of good stuff you want your family to eat. Celery is a humble vegetable that we don’t pay much attention to, even if we always have it in our fridge. But it holds tons of fiber, and contains at least a dozen antioxidants that help fight inflammation and help reduce the damage that oxygen does to our blood vessels, cells and organs. Celery has a low GI index, and almost no calories, but it is rich with water, fiber and low amounts of various vitamins and minerals including molybdenum and vitamin K. This is a great veggie to always have on the table chopped and resting in water for people to grab and munch as they go by. And it is dirt cheap. This recipe also contains cheese and milk, both great sources of calcium, magnesium and protein.

Enjoy this soup. It has big flavor and eating satisfaction and lots of good food nutrition to offer.

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