Campfire Cones

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Tired of the same old s'mores people have every year around the campfire? Well here is something new to try out this summer, Campfire Cones! S'mores are awesome, but sometimes you just want a change and to try something new, or something new to introduce to your friends for fun. These Campfire Cones look super easy, dare I say even easier than the original s'mores, since you don't have to roast your marshmallow over the fire before you put it with the chocolate and graham wafer. The nice thing is, you just take a cone of any kind, I think the waffle ones would work best, and you just pop everything inside them that you want to melt over the fire!

It really couldn't get any easier than that, could it? Stuff a waffle cone full to the brim with all your favourite fillings, you could of course do the traditional marshmallows and chocolate, or you could even do some peanut butter, like the person has done in this recipe, or even put some fruit inside, or some caramel or salted caramel! They would be so good, everyone would be wanting to make more! Especially if you made a campfire cone bar set up, and had all of the different insides out for people to add their own as they choose! It would be so fun for a kid's birthday party or just for a camping trip!

S'mores and campfire treats are always a popular thing to do in the summer. It's nice to have these traditions that everyone loves and looks forward to! S'mores have been a tradition for girl scouts as early as 1925! They go back a long way! Now there are even chocolate bars that are recreations of the s'more, as well as pop tarts! Would you like to try this new spin on the s'more? Head over to 'Center Cut Cook' by following the link in the description below!

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