Charming Christmas Centerpieces that Will Not Break the Bank

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You've probably seen those photos of extravagant table settings, and maybe you even dreamed of having a table that looked like that. Most of these tables have incredible centrepieces with candles, greenery and flowers, sometimes there's even glassware or crystals put in there too. If you host dinners at your house, especially Christmas dinner, maybe you'd like to create a lovely centrepiece for your table too. You may think that you might not have the time or the money to create such an elaborate thing, but it turns out there are tons of easy diy ideas that will help you get the best looking centrepiece anyone's ever seen in real life. This list of 28 fun diy projects for creating centrepieces will have you looking like a pro in no time and with hardly any cost spared. You can find most of the items at the dollar store or even at a thrift store if you're lucky. And don't worry, they don't look cheap or tacky. In fact, most of them look magazine worthy truth be told. So check out all 28 and see which one you like best. Maybe you can choose a couple of different ones to use over the holidays.

Candles are always a hit for any centrepiece, no matter what occasion it is. This centrepiece would be nice for Christmas, but you could also keep elements of it year round. The wooden tray holds everything perfectly inside of it so you don't have a mess to clean up on the table and it's easy to move to clean around. Then, you add in some glass candle holders of various sizes and put some candles in them. You could even use various sizes of mason jars if you like. Then, place layers of greenery from evergreen trees or cedar trees. You can go outside and take a few clippings from trees in your area, or you can purchase little sprigs from most floral shops at Christmas time. Also, when you're out for a walk, be sure to pick up a few pine cones to put in there, and maybe even some sprigs of berries if you can find some. Then, you can add in some sparkling ornaments to really top it all off. This centrepiece will not only look great; it will smell amazing too. Mason jars on their own also make great centrepiece items. Just put some white sand or some Epsom salts at the bottom of several jars and then add a candle in each. You can also add in cranberries and some sprigs of cedar.

Another great idea for candles is to use a cake stand. Just place an arrangement of candles of different sizes and heights and then surround them with greenery or berries. If you have a chandelier, it's always nice to hang greenery from that as well. If you want a bit more bling at the Christmas table, get a large clear vase and dress it up with some stick-on rhinestones. Then put some glittery beads or stones at the bottom of the vase and put some twigs in it. Before you add the twigs in, spray paint them silver, or spray them with glue and roll them in glitter. Then, take a string of LED lights with a battery pack and wrap the twigs in the lights. You could hide the battery pack in the stones at the bottom. This one looks very pretty on a table with a white tablecloth. Check out all of these fun diy projects that will bring some more Christmas spirit into your home and see which ones you'd like to try this year.***

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