Cheater Cheater Chicken and Dumplings

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If you have a sudden craving and want to cook up something delicious and fast, try the Cheater Cheater Chicken and Dumplings recipe. What is a cheater cheater recipe you ask? It is simply a recipe that uses convenience foods that you pick up on your way home from work. When you dont have the time or the energy, these cheater cheater recipes will definitely save you the trouble and satisfy your cravings. And it is still better than take out any day.

This recipe is brought to you by Julie May, the author and brains behind Menu Musings of a Modern American Mom. A professor of Anatomy and Physiology during the day and a creative cook at night, this mother of four cooks up time conscious recipes while still keeping them healthy and tasty. And this chicken and dumplings recipe is a great example - fast, convenient, and delicious.

The key ingredients for this recipe - rotisserie chicken and biscuit dough for dumplings - are both store bought. Julie uses all of the whole chicken, even the carcass itself - it goes into the broth and gives it extra flavor. While the chicken is cooking, work on the dumpling. Make sure to add quite a bit of flour and seasoning to the dumpling dough so they can make the broth creamier and tastier. Finally add all the ingredients into the broth and voila: comfort food done easy.

Rotisserie chickens are a favorite of chefs who are short on time but do not want to resort to fast food chicken. You can peel the juicy chicken strips easily and use them for just about any chicken recipe, for example chicken pasta, chicken soup, chicken salad, and more. And having a whole chicken cooked saves quite a lot of time and trouble. Just remember to consume them or refrigerate them immediately - these chicken do not have a long shelf time.

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