Check out the inside of this 800 Sqft SMART design to the most out of a small footprint. . . .

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This 800-square foot home is the ideal start if you are wondering how to be environmentally friendly and desire to reduce your footprint on the environment. This building plan at Houseplans gives you an excellent small house design with good access to the outdoors and everything you need while minimizing your impact on the environment. This home plan provides a modern-style cottage with an open concept living area, two bedrooms, and one bathroom. The windows are large, and the ceilings are high, which allows for maximum access to the outdoors. There is also a balcony included in the design where you can barbecue, relax or entertain. One of the bedrooms can be transformed into an office study if you work from home.

The company, Houseplans, specializes in producing customizable house plans. These plans can include anything from cottages and larger homes to plans on how to build your own tiny house. Architect’s design fees can be expensive, but Houseplans makes this process a lot more affordable. They have thousands of home building plans from architects around the world. These plans are customizable for an additional fee, but it will help you get the home of your dreams. If you mind a plan you like and would like to make modifications to it, all you have to do is call their customer service number or click the ‘Modify This Plan’ button. They will create a customized blueprint for your future home.

This particular mini house would be perfect for two people to live in. While small, it has a spacious feel due to the large windows and high ceiling. The windows travel quite far up the walls. If you have every felt the pull to more environmentally friendly living, a tiny home is a very good option. A smaller home uses fewer materials to build and requires less power for electricity, heating, and cooling. As a result, a tiny home will produce less carbon dioxide annually. It can be a challenge to move into a smaller home after living in a larger one, but the fact this small space feels larger than it is and minimizes the impact on the environment makes this a good candidate for a new home.

If you are interested in looking at this plan further, check out Houseplans’ website, where you will be able to see photos of the finished home. Houseplans will even sell you a cost-to-build report depending on your lot and the area you live so that you will know what your costs are before you start building your sustainable home. While this company is located in California, they will sell their plans to anyone through the U.S. and Canada and will provide a building cost report depending on your postal code and the costs in your particular area.

For more information, you can contact Houseplans’ customer service team by phone, email or through the handy form on their website. With attractive home building plans like the ones on offer at Houseplans, you should have no trouble deciding to build you eco-friendly home.

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