Check out the interior features of this 399sqft Park Model Tiny Home

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With more people interested in small house living, small house design options are becoming more available than ever before. Rich's Portable Cabins and Tiny Homes is one of the companies in the United States that offers both park models as well as tiny houses on wheels. The Pacific Loft is a great small house design for those interested in small house living, and it's also quite a bit larger than many of the tiny houses out there at 399 square feet. This small house design is a lot like their Classic Double Loft design without the extended porch area on the front. The nice thing about these small house designs is that they are able to be hooked up to regular septic which means you could put a regular flush toilet in the tiny house. This tiny house isn't within the same height or width restrictions as most tiny houses on wheels are so a proper permit would be needed to transport it. This small house design is 15.10 feet tall, 13.10 feet wide and 40 feet long which makes it very spacious. Usually, a tiny house on wheels that would be able to be towed without a professional licence or permit must be 8.5 feet wide, up to 13.5 feet tall and up to 30 feet long. The Pacific Loft small house design weighs approximately 20,000 pounds.

All tiny houses built by Rich's Portable Cabins are built using typical 2 by 4 wall construction with regular insulation and floor joists 16 inches on centre. All of the insulation will be rated for your location which is nice since each climate will require different levels of insulation. You can check what the insulation requirements are for your area by doing a quick search on Google and see what they are in your area. The insulation in a small house design is especially important in a place that gets freezing winters. You want the inside of the house to stay nice and warm throughout the winter, and you don't want to lose heat since that will end up costing a lot of money in the long run. Having energy efficient windows will also make a difference in the insulation of your tiny house too. So make sure you're getting high-quality windows. While it may be tempting to use the old, ornate windows in your design, they simply don't have the insulation needed to keep your home airtight. If you want specific stained glass windows included in your design, you could ask your builder to help you integrate them into your design somehow.

Since storage is always a critical factor in a great tiny house design, it's nice to see that the stairs leading up to the loft of this tiny house include storage in them. This is a perfect place to put storage so that the stairs serve two purposes. They can also create a bed that has storage underneath it as well which is another excellent place to put storage in a tiny house. The kitchen area is also great for storage space as well as other furniture like the sofa or wall shelving. Using vertical space in small house design is important too, so don't forget about spaces above the doors and windows that could be used for shelving and storage. Implementing multipurpose furniture in the design is a great idea as well such as a dining table that can fold down to make more space or a couch that can also serve as a bed. Have a look at the tiny houses from Rich's Portable Cabins and see which ones stand out to you.***

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