Check Out This Cute Cozy Courtyard Cabin Kit for $22,000.00

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Looking at log home plans and designs is fun, especially when you find really great deals on small log homes like the Courtyard cabin at $22,000.00. This is one of the many log home plans and designs from Green Garden Chicken, a company selling beautiful handcrafted log cabins and houses. All of their buildings and kits are crafted by Amish builders who are very skilled and talented in making these beautiful buildings and kits. A log house like this cute Courtyard cabin could be built for you by a skilled contractor, or, it could be built right on your property by you. A log house this size would only take a couple of weeks to complete, so the sooner it's ordered the sooner it can be built and ready to use. With the cabins from Green Garden Chicken, no interior finishing is needed for this Courtyard cabin. Everything is included in the price. The cabin is about 26 feet by 16 feet, with one bedroom area, a bathroom, living room and a possible kitchen area. The diagram on their website also shows this log house being used as an office building with desks and sofas placed in the different areas of the unit. The cabin is 257 square feet in total.

The small log homes from Green Garden Chicken are all created with high-quality Nordic Spruce timber from sustainable tree farms where five trees are planted for every tree that is used. Trees are a wonderful renewable resource providing these high-quality natural materials for us to use in building projects. Log houses are some of the most sturdy structures known to man, they have been able to stand up to some of the most intense weather like hurricanes, high winds, and even earthquakes. Another reason why people love building with logs and wood so much is that it's an all natural building material that is healthy to live in. The wooden walls in this log house promote a sense of wellbeing and comfort; wood is generally a more sustainable and eco-friendly material to build with too. Small log homes are also a very eco-friendly option because they use less energy to heat and power them, plus they cost you less to build and less to maintain over the years. People who have always dreamed of having a little log cabin could actually afford to own one at this price.

People lived in smaller houses throughout history, and it wasn't until the 21st century that people began living in larger houses. It became very popular to strive to own a very large house, and presently it looks like while families are getting smaller, the houses are getting larger. The average house size is around 2000 square feet, and the average family size is three to four people. Even if the size of the house were to reduce to 1000 square feet, instead of 2000 square feet, the carbon footprint would be lessened per household. People would have more money to invest in other things like education, hobbies or travel. If people choose to have a really large house because they want one, there is also no shame in that, but for people who struggle to afford a lifestyle beyond their means, small log homes and tiny houses could provide a solution to that issue.

On the Green Garden Chicken website you'll also find US Made sheds and barns, as well as chicken coops to keep chickens in. So, if you're starting up a homestead, their products will definitely come in handy. Enjoy having a look at all the different log home plans and designs and get inspired.***

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