Check out this DELUXE 13x30ft Log Cabin With Loft Sleeps 8 With full Kitchen

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When it comes to building a log cabin, there are a few different ways of going about it. You can build a log cabin yourself out of materials you either gather from your own property, or you can purchase materials to build your own log cabin. This method can be very rewarding, but it is a lot of work too. The other option is having someone else build a log cabin for you. This is by far the easiest option, but it can also be expensive depending on the size and materials used. The pre-assembled log cabin from Lancaster Log Cabins are one affordable option for you. They have Park Model Cabins that give you a rustic log cabin on wheels. So not only would you have the charm of a real log cabin, but you would also have the option to take your cabin with you wherever you want. These small log cabins on trailers are preassembled at the Lancaster Log Cabins shop, and they are built on a heavy duty trailer. When they are all done building the cabin it will be all ready to move into, all you would then need to do is put in your own furniture and accessories.

These small log cabins are basically just oversized tiny houses. You get an RV but also a log cabin which is pretty special, and it doesn't need to fit into the highway requirements that tiny houses on wheels have to. This is one of the only companies in the world to build real log park model cabins so far, so if this is the type of cabin you've been hoping to find, they will build you a custom one that's all your own. People prefer these small log cabins on wheels over traditional park model cabins because they are made of real wood making it feel like a real cabin in the woods made of natural materials. Building homes out of natural materials will not only ensure that the home or cabin will last longer and stand up to the elements, but it is also the more eco-friendly option. Using wood to build homes is very environmentally friendly especially when you use wood that comes from sustainable tree farms. Using the trees from your own property is an even more sustainable and affordable way of building a log cabin or home. So if you can do that, you are very fortunate.

If you decide to go with one of the small log cabins on a trailer from Lancaster Log Cabins, you won't need building permits, and you won't have to pay property taxes since it's considered a park model. Also, you can finance the cabin as an RV, so again, you get the best of both worlds. The log cabin you see here is their 13 foot by 30-foot cabin with 399 square feet of space within. This is one of their larger deluxe cabins and it can sleep 6 to 8 people in it. It features a full bathroom with a shower in it, so there's no roughing it when you're staying in this cabin. The kitchen could fit all of your regular appliances too making it feel as comfortable as home. This model includes 2 private bedrooms on the main floor as well which is nice. This model starts at $39,900 which is pretty affordable for a real log cabin. You can also pay more to have a loft added on. Lancaster Log Cabins has been building log cabins for almost 30 years, and they are a family owned business with Amish roots. Have a look through all of their great log cabin designs and see which ones appeal most to you.***

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