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Take a look at the Graduate Series 6000DL tiny cabin design. This tiny cabin on wheels has a u-shaped kitchen, a bathroom with shower, a three seater lounge space, dining/desk, king sized loft, a single loft, a storage loft or media area, storage in the staircase and louvered windows and opening skylights. This tiny cabin design is great when you need little extra space for when family or friends are visiting. You might also consider using this tiny cabin design for office space, or as a vacation home. This tiny cabin design is suitable for singles or couples to live permanently. All of these tiny house designs can be custom designed to suit your needs. The Graduate tiny cabin design sleeps one to three people, with one bathroom and starts at $69,400.

Tiny cabin designs are highly efficient dwellings. In a tiny house design, there is no wasted, inefficient space. Tiny cabin designs make maximum use of every square inch of space. Tiny house designs are the homes of the future. A tiny house homeowner can live without debt, in comfort and with everything they need. As the small house living revolution says it, you can only live in one room at a time. If the space that you are in has everything you need, you don’t need more room. With a tiny cabin design, you don't need a huge lot. With many tiny house designs, you can even move them, which is the case with a tiny cabin on wheels. And if you suddenly have to move, you can hitch your tiny cabin on wheels up to your vehicle and bring it to a new location. A tiny cabin design is easier to keep-up and clean. Because of the efficiency and limit of space, the interior mess in a tiny cabin design never gets too out of hand without a lot of help from the owner. Most tiny house cleaning takes a matter of minutes and not hours. Keeping up a tiny house design is easier than trying to maintain a large house. A tiny cabin design is much cheaper to heat and cool. You won’t need to spend a lot of money on conditioning all that air you walk through but never use.

A tiny cabin design is very thrifty as far as furniture and decorating are concerned. There isn’t all that space that you feel you need to fill. You’ll only have to buy the furniture pieces you need. You can buy higher quality furniture designs because of the fewer pieces that are required. Decorating will be a lot easier and more basic in a tiny house design. The small house living revolution is ideal for many of today's younger people who can’t afford a conventional sized home. Tiny cabin designs are also perfect for retired people who want to downsize their lifestyles and expenses. With a tiny house design, there is no need to opt for a trailer park and rented land or an apartment or condo building. Most tiny house designs are designed to have everything a modern person needs to live. Tiny house designs feature a kitchen, a bathroom, storage, a living room, and some tiny cabin designs can even sleep up to four people. And while a tiny cabin design may not be everybody’s dream house, but for people seeking simplicity and another way of life, tiny houses might just be the way to go.

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