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Take a look at this beautiful log cabin, which is made of eastern white pine. It was built by a company called Moonstone Timber Frame in Oro-Medonte, Ontario, Canada. They employ a building technique called full scribe to build their log houses and use primarily eastern white pine in their buildings. They are unique among log home builders in the United States and Canada because they use the full scribe method for their log house construction. These homes use rounded logs that have been stripped of their bark rather than flat pieces of wood in other cabin construction. The building is a well thought out, solid structure with two stories and a balcony on the front. It appears very spacious inside because of high ceilings. This sound structure would be the perfect choice for your dream log house.

The full scribe building method started in northern Europe in Scandinavian countries. This process of construction doesn’t use any nails of binding materials. This process uses whole logs that have been stripped and shaped so that the logs will stack and interlock with each other. Since these logs aren’t one hundred percent tight fitting, they require wool or other soft materials to be laid in between for insulation. The full scribe building method does take some care and attention because the shaping of the logs is necessary for the structure to hold. Once shaped, constructing the log house is fast and efficient. Most log house builders that use the full scribe building method will recommend using eastern white pine for their building purposes because it is a soft wood and very easy to work with. Eastern white pine is relatively easy to obtain in North America because it grows in the eastern United States and Canada. Eastern white pine can be found in Newfoundland all the way to southwestern Manitoba, as well as Michigan, New York, Maine, Massachusetts and other places. Moonstone Timber Frame will help construct your log house, and eastern white pine is the most common wood used. They will allow you to choose from other woods, however, like hemlock, ash, oak, douglas fir or cherry.

One might think that full scribe building isn’t the logical method for building a long-lasting log house because it doesn’t use the most common constructing methods. The truth is that full scribe has been known to last for centuries. The structure will settle into itself over time. Moonstone Timber Frame will coat their homes with Sansin log guard, which is meant to reduce the threat from mold, insects, and rot so that your log home can stand the test of time.

The Easter White Pine is a website by NELMA, the Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association, which performs quality controls on eastern white pine producers in the northeastern and Great Lakes regions of the United States. They post all kinds of information on white pine and building white pine, including their article about Moonstone Timber Frame’s construction of a full scribe log home. They post new articles regarding the use of white pine in building homes and furniture or helping ecosystems.

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